Online data processing and wireless connectivity

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Online data processing and wireless connectivity

Postby stefanscherer » 01 Jul 2015, 20:25

I was wondering if there is an API for the VU-AMS to enable online data processing from a stream of data coming in from the device. In addition, it seems that on some screenshots there is an option for bluetooth connectivity. Is there some additional information on that available?



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Re: Online data processing and wireless connectivity

Postby JarikdenHartog » 02 Jul 2015, 08:50

Dear Stefan,

Thanks for your question!

There's in no API for the VU-AMS device nor is it developed for online data processing. The Online Graph option is only there for signal inspection giving you the opportunity to re-attach faulty electrodes. More technically the signal is subsampled and not necessarily continuous because of the limitations of the infrared connection.
You might be interested in the option to send markers from a (stimulus) computer to mark events in an experiment for offline analyses later:

There are indeed some traces of Bluetooth in the VU-DAMS program. Unfortunately they are only there for internal testing purposes and their will not be any Bluetooth hardware released in the near future. I'm sorry these traces got through my "outside world release censorship".


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